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open ended natural resources supporting the learning and play of young children

 The natural materials you find on this page are ethically sourced. They are made by us from timber grown in our sustainably managed woodland here in the North of England.
The wood is seasoned for a year or more before being hand washed, cut and sanded. We like to keep our wooden resources in their most natural form retaining many of the interesting and quirky characteristics of the tree. Children find them irresistible, explore them intuitively and use them in many creative ways. 

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‘The natural resources from Creative Woodland Resources are so versatile. We use them constantly at the nursery not only to support the children’s understanding of wood as a natural material, but also as an aid to support mathematical topics such as counting, pattern, size, weight as well as 2d and 3d shape recognition. As our nursery is set in an urban environment, the resources are valuable in allowing the children opportunities to explore real wood and gain an understanding of texture, colour, pattern and size in nature.’  Northfleet Nursery School, Kent 

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 threading hamper

 lovely hamper jam-packed with  holed rounds of different wood  types - with leather strips for  threading

 hamper 16x24x36cm

price £80

 pack of 5 peg boards

 an exciting accompaniment to the  threading hamper

 boards 20x30cm approx

 pack of 5 with pegs £40



 quirky construction

 this hamper contains a selection  of lovely shapes in different  woods, including ladders, small  planks and a range of tripod type  shapes

 hamper 27x37x56cm

 hamper contains over 200 pieces 

 price £240

 columns and beams  hamper

 the blocks in this hamper come in  3 stacking and arranging shapes 

 hamper 20x30x40cm

 hamper contains 80 pieces on  average

 price £120


 these substantial enclosing shapes  are over 30 cms long making  them a dynamic addition to any  small world play resources

 pack of 12 

 price £120

 construction  hamper  

 made from seasoned timber these  resources have great aesthetic  appeal and present interesting  construction possibilities 

 hamper 20x30x40cm

 price £120

hamper mixed shapes

 a range of different shapes and  types of wood, varing in texture  and colour - great resources for  placing and arranging for pattern  and representation

 hamper 20x30x40cm


 drawstring bag    pennies

 contains  150 pieces approx

 size of bag 37x40 cm

 price  £60

 wooden pendants

 made from sawn wood these  pendants can be written or drawn  on, used as labels or decorated as  a gift

 with  photographs attached  pendants can be used for self  registration

 diameter of pendant 8cm approx

 price per pack of 50   £50

 wooden tags 

 these half sawn logs have a flat  smooth side for writing on and  make good labels or name tags  for self registration

 18cm in length

 price per pack of 50    


 wooden arches

 made from a range of different  seasoned wood

 sizes vary from 20cm to 15cm 

 price per pack of  5  £45

                     drawstring bag of  mixed shapes

 these lovely shapes are ideal for  placing and arranging, they are  beautifully textured and children  love to explore and interpret them  in different ways 

 size of bag 37x40cm

 price £75


 draw string bag
 of biscuits

 50 beautiful wooden discs in 3  types of wood 

 size of bag 37x40cm

 price £50


 drawstring bag
 of sticks

 beautifully prepared sticks in a  range of different types of wood -  bag contains over 150 sticks!

 size of bag 37x40cm 

 price £50



 big biscuits

 beautiful wooden slices
 averaging around 15cm in  diameter and 3cm thick

 price per set of 10  £20


 set of 10 coat hooks

 these coat hooks can be used in    a cloak room on wooden planks,  in an outdoor class room for  hanging waterproofs or resource  bags etc

 hooks 15 cms in length aprox

 set of 10  
 set of 6 useful planks
 made from beautifully sanded  wood reflecting the natural shape  of the tree



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