outdoor spaces

Here in the north east of England we work in partnership with schools and children to develop their outdoor areas              



planning the outdoor area




           outdoor storage for nursery and reception children

nursery and reception made the art work 

meeting area with hazel and sweet chestnut screening


   round house with reciprocating roof                          yurt                                                     

round house with wattle and daub walls, and heather thatch roof                   cedar boards sculpted for a school installation

oak meeting circle with newly planted living willow tunnel 

                                                                                               wooden causeway and seat in nursery play area

        ash timber frame                                                      wildlife wall


   children building a mini beast habitat area

  decking and performance area                                                                                                                      raised beds and wildlife wall

 decorated boards surround the decking area

Forest School cabin




  wellie rack and table and benches                                                prefabricated cabin


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outdoor spaces
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